My story

After my apprenticeship for carpentry and additional two years working as a carpenter I attended a school for wood engineering and wood technology for two more years. After finished of school my 29-years carrier starts in a big interior outfitting company which is acting worldwide.

I jumped in as an engineer and went through a lot of other departments like estimation, project management and sale as an authorized signatory.
After 18 years I was offered the position of a managing director. Up to beginning 2019, I held this position for a total of eleven years.

For private reasons I left the company at the age of 54 and dedicate myself to what has accompanied and inspired me for more than half my life:

model making, 3D engineering, CNC technology and 3D printing.

With my small, newly founded company SCALE PRINT, I would like to create the possibility of having products manufactured which, for the most part, cannot be offered or purchased on the open market. Above all, I want to find individual solutions for model builders, but also for architects and product designers.

The production is done by laser sintering, MJF (plastic PA12) or CNC milled aluminium parts. The machines have size limits, which you can find here. Taller parts are also no problem. They can be assembled easily after production.

The development & engineering of the components is free of charge for customers in the field of model making. For architects and product designers the costs are determined individually. All we need for the development of your desired part is a drawing or a sketch which includes a reference measure.
Afterwards of your approval the item will be integrate into my online shop portfolio and you will receive the new order number.