Order easily and conveniently or send a request.

a) Shopping cart

Select the products you want to order by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. This will put your selection in the cart. You can change this selection at any time until submitting your order by changing the number of products, deleting the selection or canceling the order by clicking the "Remove" box. By clicking on the "to checkout" button, you will be taken to the next order step.

b) request dimensions

Select the products you want to inquire by clicking the "Add to my list" button. You can specify your desired dimensions in the request list and start a request. You can also change this selection until submitting your request.

Upon receipt of your request we will immediately check whether the part is printable in the dimensions you want. Should any design changes be necessary, we will contact you.

1. Personal data

Please log in with your eMail address and your password if you already have a customer account, otherwise please register as a new customer. Your data will be collected, processed and used in accordance with the data protection regulations (privacy policy).

With a customer account you have the following options:
- Faster order process with the next purchase
- Keep track of all your current orders
- history of past orders
- Manage the customer account settings
- change your password
- Store various addresses for sending to family and friends and billing addresses

Alternatively, you can send the order as a guest, your data will be used only temporarily and no customer account will be created. By clicking the button "continue" you will get to the next order step.

2. Addresses

Set different addresses for delivery, invoice etc.

3. Shipping method

We ship exclusively via our shipping service DHL.

4. Payment method and summary

You can choose the method of payment "Pay by bank wire" or "PayPal".

Now check whether all information is correct and please confirm the terms and conditions and the cancellation policy.

5. Order for payment

By clicking on the button "Order with obligation to pay" you send us your binding order to us.